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Asturia Community Announcement

Hello Asturia Residents!

As the summer continues and our pool and amenities continue to be a popular destination for our residents, the CDD board would like to remind its valued patrons that the Asturia pool policies and amenities policies are in place to maintain all residents' equal enjoyment of our amenities.

The Board has received a number of complaints and intends to increase enforcement measures.

Pool Rules:

  • Patrons may only gain access to the pool area through the use of their Key Cards. At any given time, a Patron may accompany up to four (4) Guests at the swimming pool.
    • Do not open gates or doors for anyone other than your household or your guests.
    • Do not, at any time, prop open gates or doors.
    • Pool entrances must be kept clear at all times.
  • No Lifeguards will be on duty. Patrons swim at their own risk.
  • Radios, stereos, and other music devices may be listened to if played at a volume which is not offensive to other members and guests. Use of headphones is encouraged.
  • Children under sixteen (16) years of age must be accompanied by a Parent or Adult Patron, eighteen (18) years of age or older, at all times for usage of the pool facility.
  • Proper swim attire (no cutoffs) must be worn in the pool.
    • Please utilize the exterior pool restrooms while in swim attire for your safety.
  • No chewing gum is permitted in the pool or on the pool deck area.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool area.
    • Glass Containers of any type are prohibited anywhere on the pool deck.
  • No diving, jumping, pushing, running or other horseplay is allowed in the pool or on the pool deck area.
  • · No one shall pollute the pool. Anyone who does pollute the pool is liable for any costs incurred in treating and reopening the pool.
  • No swinging on ladders, fences, or railings is allowed.
  • Pool furniture is not to be removed from the pool area.
    • Please return furniture to its original position, including closing umbrellas.
  • Loud, profane, or abusive language is absolutely prohibited.
  • During periods of thunderstorms or other inclement weather, swimming is prohibited.
    • Amenity staff reserves the right to close the pool during such times.


  • The pool hours are currently Dawn to Dusk
  • The Clubhouse Hours are currently 7 AM - 10 PM.
  • The Fitness Center hours are posted on the entryway.
  • Accessing the facility outside of these hours are prohibited. Trespassing may be prosecuted as a criminal offense and may lead to the loss of access to the Amenity Center for the entire household.

Fitness Center:

  • Patrons sixteen (16) years of age and older are permitted to use the Fitness Center.
    • No children under the age of sixteen (16) are allowed in the Fitness Center.
    • Guests may enter if accompanied by a Patron 18 years of age or older.
  • Patrons and Guests use this facility at their own risk.
  • Music and/or digital media players are not permitted unless they are personal units equipped with headphones. Please use discretion and courtesy.
  • Appropriate clothing and closed toed footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Food (including chewing gum) is not permitted. Beverages, however, are permitted if contained in non-breakable containers with screw top or sealed lids.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • Each individual is responsible for wiping off fitness equipment after each use.
  • Personal trainers must enter into an agreement with the District and provide evidence of acceptable training certificates and insurance.
  • Hand chalk is not permitted to be used in the Fitness Center.
  • Do not move or alter gym equipment.
  • Do not use gym equipment for any purpose other than its directed and indicated use.
  • Do not drop weights or equipment, or damage equipment in any way.

The Board is asking residents to review these policies with all members of their household and guests at this time. The amenities facilities and the area surrounding it are under recorded video surveillance. Those violating CDD policies will be asked to immediately cease or will be asked by staff to leave the facility, and access will be suspended. Refusal to leave at the request of amenity staff will result in a trespass citation from law enforcement.

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